Why should you

Choose an animal behaviourist?

‘A behaviour expert has appropriate qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience. Inappropriate or outdated advice or methods may adversely affect your pet’s welfare and even make your pet’s behaviour problem worse’ (RSPCA)

As an animal behaviourist, Jo establishes the cause of  behavioural issues, using equine behaviour based science. Problems are addressed by adapting your horse’s environment, management, handling and training, as needed. The implementation of a bespoke behavioural modification plan will improve your horse’s behaviour, along with learning to understand the motivations behind your horse’s behaviour.

How Jo can help You and your Horse

Behavioural Consultancy

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Behavioural consultations help to evaluate problems, gives you support and a plan to resolve any issues your horse may have, without using forceful or strongly aversive methods.

A veterinary referral is needed before a consultancy. They are straightforward and free and Jo will help you with this.

Before the consultation Jo will review any video of your horse that you send, vet referral documents, and horse history form that you will complete.

During the 1-2 hour  consultation, Jo will use equine behavioural science to establish the underlying cause of the problem and develop a bespoke treatment plan. 

During the consultation, time is also spent helping you understand the motivation behind your horse’s behaviour and Jo will agree with you the time, support and expertise needed to make improvements.

After consultation, you will be emailed a copy of the treatment plan, you also have 12 months access, to telephone based behavioural support. 

Workshops and Events

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Talks on a variety of topics are available and can be delivered to groups online or face to face. Workshops are lively, interactive and fun, mixing demos with behavioural science and theory. 

Jo is able to offer a range of talks and workshops to meet your needs and that of your horse.

Sessions can focus on specific horse issues, such as worming, clipping, trailer loading, spookiness or be more human focussed, such as wanting to learn how to training using positive methods with your horse, nervousness, or specific topics, such as lack of confidence when riding, hacking or handling your horse.

Sessions are suitable for individuals, but why not form a group, to learn together and have lots of fun. If there is something you are interested in Jo would love to hear from you!

Coaching and Training

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Jo offers one to one coaching sessions with you and your horse to assist you with any problems that you may be having. In addition, Jo will train your horse herself, saving you time and accelerating your horses learning and behavioural progress.

Coaching sessions take place when the problem is relatively straight forward and a full behavioural consultation is not required. Jo can help with ridden or in-hand issues you would like some extra support with. Veterinary referral is not required for coaching sessions.

Family, work and other   commitments affect the time available for you to work with your horse. Jo can directly train your horse in hand, to accelerate problem resolution. After every two or three sessions Jo will work with you and your horse, coaching you through the developments and ensuring your have the skills, knowledge and experience needed longer term.

Training is offered as part of the post consultancy package agreed with owners. Places are limited, so please contact Jo to discuss.


Pricing for Consultations and Coaching

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Behaviour Consultations

Initial consultation (face to face or online):  £160

Individual follow up sessions: support packages are agreed as part of the behaviour modification plan development in the initial consultation. Packages are based on yours and your horses needs and can include regular catch-ups, digital homework and handouts, online chats, phone calls and hands on, one to ones to help you and your horse make great progress.   


1-1 Coaching sessions: £45 per hour

Prices include travel of up to 20 miles of Waterton, Bridgend. Travel outside of this radius is charged at 45p per mile

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