Jo Hatch

Animal behaviour solutions

Jo Hatch BSc (Hons), PGDip, MSc
Animal Behaviourist

Helping owners build great relationships with their horses and dogs

I am a fully qualified animal behaviourist, pre-certified CCAB and provisional member of the APBC. My passion is for helping owners understand how their horse or dog thinks, feels and reacts as they do and support the building of positive, lasting relationship them. I always use positive, humane, evidence based, effective strategies to support behavioural change and improvement.

Our dogs and horses can display behaviours that are undesirable or dangerous both to themselves and us. These include, aggression, separation anxiety, fear, reactivity, loading and travelling issues, being uncatchable, bolting, bucking or refusing to move at all!  By working with me,  you will be supported, have a plan, new methods and strategies and your animal’s behaviour will improve. This will reduce your stress or anxiety, rebuild your confidence and relationship and give you the dog of your dreams and the horse you have always wanted!

Behaviour Consultancy

I use an evidence based approach, grounded in science to establish the underlying cause of behavioural problems and plan for successful solutions.

We agree a bespoke behaviour plan during the initial consultancy and initial follow up sessions, to ensure positive progress is made.

I will demonstrate what needs to be done, using proven, kind and minimally aversive methods. I will teach you and continue to coach you until the issues are resolved.

Veterinary referrals are needed before consultancy, to rule out pain and other health issues.

Training and Coaching

One to one coaching sessions help improve the communication and relationship between you and your horse and can focus on non-behavioural issues you may need support with.

I use learning theory and introduce positive teaching methods, to help you understand and meet your horse' needs, improve their performance and willingness to engage with you.

I can also work with your horse, training them to accelerate improvement, or to resolve a behavioural problem.

Workshops and Presentations

I offer a range of talks and workshops to meet your needs and that of your horse. Sessions can focus on specific horse problems; such as worming, clipping, trailer loading, spookiness.

I also provide sessions for owners, focussing on issues such as, nervousness and lack of confidence when riding, hacking or handling your horse.

I work with individuals as well as groups and love making learning and development fun.

"I don't know what I'd do without Jo! She's been a huge help to me and my horses for many years. Most recently Jo has been helping me with my ex-racehorse and I'm seeing some great improvements. Jo is always calm, super helpful and positive! She always has a plan and puts the horse-human partnership first."
"Jo is amazing! She is a fabulous, enthusiastic and caring individual. She has helped me immensely over the years with my 2 horses and more recently with my 2 very difficult rescue dogs from Spain. During the assessment, Jo listens to the issues and then is very productive, professional and effective in her advice and follow up. She gives clear advice that works. If you work with Jo and follow her advice, it will change the relationship you have with your animals forever, in a wonderful way. I highly recommend her and her expertise."

I can make having a horse fun again!

Why not let me help you?