Horses can talk to us

You may be shouting at the screen, ‘I know my horse can communicate with me’. However, we’re all about the science here at Animal Behaviour Solutions! Until now dogs were the only other companion animal we knew were capable of ‘heterospecific referential’ communication – being able to communicate something to a different species.

Even though the research shows that all horses can intentionally communicate with us, many owners don’t realise or respond, causing their horses to stop trying to communicate. Every horse has different communication strategies and like any relationship it takes time to understand them. One of the first things I recommend is to just hang out in the field, observing how your horse communicates with the herd and allowing them to interact with you on their terms. There’s no pressure or expectations, so helps with your relationship and lets you see how subtle communication can be!

By being creative, and testing solutions I can help you take the communication with your horse to a whole new level, making it fun for you and your horse.

Why not check out the research?

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